Ms. Sarah Paola

Sarah Paola

In addition to being an Intuitive Psychic/Medium and a certified Intuitive Healer — Sarah is also an Instructor, Speaker, certified Soul Coach, educated in the InVizion process and certified for Past Life Regression.

Sarah has studied under many different teachers, received numerous certifications, and worked for 10+ years to learn many techniques and types of healing to give her clients what they need to break through their fears/anger and blocks, assist in their spiritual growth, move their lives forward in a positive direction, and gain a better perspective on the day to day events that occur.

Realizing that everyone has the ability to receive and understand the Symbols their guides send them, Sarah has spent several years developing a dictionary of Symbol definitions as well as a program to teach everyone how to connect with their Guides/Angels. The basic Symbol definitions will assist you in understanding the images and gentle guidance sent to you by your higher power to direct you to your best possible future.

Symbols of Your Life
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