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Seyedaghanoor  Sadeghi

Hi Dear Folks
As a Medical Doctor I have been practicing conventional Medicine for about 30 years and as a Professional Homeopath for about 7 years; I mainly deal with patients suffering from acute and chronic conditions with Homeopathic Medicine and remedies.

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi
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No.Delbaz Alley Massile Jajrood blvd. Damavand Ave. Tehran-Iran Home: (+9821) 7742-6384 Mobile: (+98912) 724-2076 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Specialty General Practitioner-Homeopath-Journalist Credentials Medical Lisense, Tehran University, 1987 Member, Medical Council I.R.& Iranian Homeopathic Association; having Good Standing Certificate
My Prominent Educational Career:
1) Awarded the American Field Service Scholarship to live with an American family in San Diego and studying at James Madison High School ; 1976-77
2) James Madison High School in San Diego; Diploma in 1977 being among the 1st ranking senior students awarded the California Scholarship Federation Golden Seal on my diploma.
3) Graduating as a General Practitioner from Tehran Medical University in 1987
4) Graduating from Iranian Center of Homeopathy in Iran Medical University 2010
5) Becoming a Formal Member of LMHI, LIGA( International Homeopathic Medical League ) in 2010
6) Taking part in a live course held and directed by Prof.George Vithoulkas in Alonissos –Greece in the June of 2009.
7) Taking part actively at the 66th LMHI Congress in the New Delhi-India; more than 2000 people took part at this great homeopathic event.
8) Interviewing with Dr.Manish Bhathia at his private clinic in Jaipur-India after taking part at the LMHI Congress in the New Delhi 2011.
9) Presenting 2 lectures and the 1st ranking poster out of 34 poster at the 69th LMHI Congress in Paris, 2014.
- My Professional Experiences and achievements;
1) Visiting 30000 patients as G.P. during 21 years and more than 2000 patients as Medical Doctor& Homeopath during the last 7 years
2) Effective Healing of 154 diabetic T2 patients and 15 Type 1 cases with an integrative approach; Conventional Medicine& Homeopathic Medicine
3) Effective healing of more than 500 psychiatric cases in Tehran during a 6 year period; I presented analysis of these patients in Paris as a lecture, welcomed warmly by the audience for using very impressive visual images about the most commonly prescribed remedies.
4) Presenting 2 lectures and one poster at the LMHI Congress in Paris.
5) Participation at the Alternative Medicine Conference being among the Renowned Speakers at the conference in Beijing- China, 2016, Sept. 5-7; http://www.alternativemedicine.conferenceseries.com/2016#x
6) Holding a workshop on diabetes in Tokyo for 100 homeopaths and homeopathic students from Tokyo being relayed to 4 other important cities; Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Osaka, on April 29, 2017.The President of the Japanese Homeopathic Medical Association, Dr.Torako Yui was present during the whole program from 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM.
7) Interviewed by Dr.Torako Yui and the board of education at the College of Holistic Homeopathy from 17:30 to 18:30 , on April 29, 2017.
8) A Workshop on “Integrative Treatment of Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2” is going to be held at the 25th Summit of Diabetes and Medical Expo”, or Diabetes Conference 2017 in Dubai from 4-5 Dec.2017, by the Conference Series Ltd International and Scientific conferences.
Research & Publications ;
1 - Translating the book “Clinical Examination in Psychiatry” , at Tehran University
By Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi and Gholamreza Mirsepasi Professor of Psychiatry at Tehran Medical University.
2 –Publishing 25 articles on the hpathy.com e journal; Some of them are by Fahimeh Mahdavi and I
3 – “Healing the diabetes with homeopathy” is going to be published on Hpathy.com E-Books Library.
4 - Family Therapy through homeopathy on Hpathy.com 2010
5 - Homeopathic cure of Diabetic foot ulcer 3 with Type 1 and 3 with DT2; One Diabetic foot ulcer published on Tehran Times daily newspaper and its website 2011.
6 - Homeopathic cure of athletes with chronic traumatic encephalitis Tehran Times daily newspaper and its website in 2011.
7 - Comparative approach to allergic patients Tehran Times daily newspaper and website 2011 Submitting 5 abstracts to the 67th LMHI Congress in Nara, Japan 2012 One accepted for oral presentation and 4 as poster Submitting 5 abstract to the 1st International Conference of Homeopathic Research in Barcelona-Spain, May 2013.
8 - Authoring the book titled “Treatment of Diabetic Patients with Conventional and Homeopathic Methods” 2012 published in Farsi in Tehran Authoring the English book under the topic of “Reversing the Diabetes with Homeopathy” that is about to be published in Germany Authoring the English book titled “Arnica Montana Indications in Conventional Medicine” that is ready for publishing. Authoring the English book under the topic of “Chronic Diseases Cured with Homeopathy” that is completed and is ready to be published. It includes the chronic patients cured with homeopathy during the last 4 years.

Wish you the best of Health and Luck,

Private Clinic & LMHI (International League of Homeopathic Medicine ) Formal Member