Mr. Shantanu Das Sharma

Life Coach
Shantanu  Das Sharma

Credentials: Certification

Institution: Sue Knight Books & Talks, ANLP, U.K

Certification: NLP Trainer

Certification Year: 2015

Hello and Welcome!


To introduce myself with information of who I am, what I do and what qualification I hold to do what I do…….I am a NLP Trainer, Life & Behavioral Success Coach, Parenting Coach and a published Author by the nature of services I offer and little work that I have done at this juncture of my life as a learning & development professional. My latest book ‘Awaken The Incredible Within – Incredible Is the New Giant’ became Amazon #1 Best Seller in India within 14 hours of its release on Amazon.

I engage with people who are 1) ‘Seeker of Change in their Life’ & 2) ‘Seeker of Change in the World’ using the powerful tools available through Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I have been trained and mentored by Ramesh R Prasad & I am blessed to be his Apprentice too. With Ramesh, since beginning until today, the journey has been transformational and empowering. The core of NLP is modeling excellence and this enables me to learn and share from the best.

I feel humbly proud to recollect the day in Kolkata, India when I begun my NLP Journey with International NLP Trainer R Ramesh Prasad of Onefluencer providing the most inspirational NLP training & coaching course to my experience.

And fatefully my transformational (as I may rightfully label it today) journey did not stop with just a wonderful commencement. I almost run through all levels of training, from the Foundation, Practitioner, Master Practitioner to Trainer Training as a galloping horse & as a thirsty learner. I found each course unique which potentially offered an experiential learning at many levels and then it commenced with Sue Knight joining in to give me those remarkable learning experiences with her as the International NLP Trainer, Coach & Facilitator. This became a truly world class learning experience for me…

I have infinite gratitude for each one of my trainers, coaches and facilitators in this wonderful journey of learning experiences through being and becoming with a conscious sense of curiosity, unknowing & flexibility. I consider my learning has begun & I am in progress!!!

For me, there is a sense of great fulfillment when I can commit my life to the perception that everything is an opportunity for lifelong learning anywhere and everywhere, with anything, anyone, everything and everyone.

The core values which I am endowed with today through miscellaneous experiences in life in India and abroad in over 2 decades of my earlier corporate life and most recent as learning & development professional have paramount influence in creating the trajectory I am travelling today. The further I travel, the more I am beating my own untraveled path with who I truly am.

“We are not born to be PERFECT but to be TRUE!”

I have strengths as I have weaknesses, I achieve success as I make mistakes and I become happy as I experience sadness; I learn and with every experience I get closer towards realizing my true self. This is my real self!

To answer, how qualified I am to do what I do is for you to discover through your experience with me. The qualification which I can sincerely claim to my humble favor is – I get deeply associated with every work I love to do. I consider, the most important attribute for any job is passion with purpose. Everything else can be adopted. What I do makes me come alive in my work.

I am somehow less convinced about credibility of paper certificates, as they always may not ensure our capabilities and validate our claims of knowing what we know. They rarely come in handy when life challenges us with changes. What supports is the wisdom gained through varied experiences and our intrinsic excellence, which educates us all along, stays with us for eternity, help us to evolve and empower us to fit in this growing world because Nature’s code of conduct reads “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”.

With warm regards, I thank you for choosing to connect with me.

Call me direct (+91 9051402135) if you choose to discuss your challenges in life, being career (stagnation, selection confusion or advancement or switch), relationships (behavioral changes, conflict resolution or any other) or anything specific to your needs which you want as an outcome.


Shantanu Das Sharma.

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Kolkata, West Virginia

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Life Coaching


Self Esteem

Success Coaching

Books Shantanu has Published

Awaken The Incredible Within

Incredible Is The New Giant

We all have huge reserves of mental resources within each one of us. But many of us are unable to tap our resources to become effectively powerful to give our dreams the real manifestation in our lives. In his individual self-quest, author asked the question to himself – Why? Why in spite of such a huge resource being available, not all are able to use it to their complete advantage? And on deeper reflection, he got the answer. And the author wished to contribute the fruit of his quest and personal