Dr. Sharon Mijares Ph.D.

Sharon Mijares

Dr. Mijares is a world traveler focused on creating a better world for all. She has authored/edited six books specifically focusing on psychospiritual development, women’s empowerment, Breath, and a deeper look at our human relationship from a global perspective. Associate Professor for National University, core faculty at CIHS and Brandman University. Her primary focus is one of balancing power and beauty in order to create a healthier world. The connection with Mother Earth and openness to indigenous healing practices and mystical teachings empower her efforts. She specializes in the practice of the breath as a healing and enlightening power as well as recovery from trauma.

Books Sharon has Published

The Revelation of the Breath

Honoring Its Wisdom, Power and Beauty

Celebrates and instructs in the healing power of breath. Faced with unrelenting stresses from daily news, relationships, health, and financial conditions, and unsatisfied with the temporary and side-effect-riddled relief that pharmaceuticals provide, millions are finding measures of peace and positive energy through mindful breathing practices. In this book, Stanislav Grof, Neil Douglas-Klotz, Sharon G. Mijares, Sonia Gilbert, Sheldon Kramer, Ilse Middendorf, Michael Sky, Puran Bair, and other well-known