Ms. Sherry Brantley CPC, CLC

Life Coach
Sherry Brantley

Credentials: Certification

Institution: International Coach University

Certification: Certified Professional Coach (CPC) & Certified Life Coach (CLC)

Certification Year: 2011

Sherry Brantley is the author of several books. Her latest book is entitled "STEPP-Start To Exercise Personal Power-How To Create Positive Change In Your Life!" Known as the 'From Goal-setting to Goal-GETTING' Coach, Sherry is a dynamic leader, speaker and trainer specializing in the areas of goal-setting and goal attaining. Sherry's mission is to assist people to make positive choices in their lives effecting positive change, by tapping into and utilizing their own Personal Power while respecting and accepting the Personal Power of others. STEPP is a program designed by Sherry which incorporates easy-to-implement techniques that she shares during her workshops & seminars which have proven to be successful for participants in many areas of their lives.

Sherry received certifications as a Certified Professioinal Coach (CPC) and Certified Life Coach (CLC) specializaing in goal setting and goal GETTING! Whether writing books related to personal growth, poetry books, or her fictional trilogy of work entitled 'Best of Friends' which won two National Awards for 'Best Fiction of the Year,' Sherry is sure to incorporate thought-provoking ideals and concepts which readers are easily able to connect to in order to increase their understanding of their own Spiritual growth, determine what they'd like to achieve in life and develop a road map to get there!

STEPP: Start To Exercise Personal Power!

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Life Coaching

Peer Relationships

Self Esteem


Success Coaching

Books Sherry has Published

STEPP - Start To Exercise Personal Power

How To Create Positive Change In Your Life!

STEPP-Start To Exercise Personal Power, assists you in going from goal setting to goal GETTING! Solve the equation of not just setting goals. Achieving them is simple with the proper tools. These easy-to-implement techniques will show you simple ways to begin to harness the Personal Power you possess, by tapping into this power on a daily basis to effect positive change in your life and create the life you've always wanted!

Choices - The Power Is Within You!

Choices-The Power Is Within You talks about the Personal Power we all possess and how one can tap into the power on a daily basis to improve their lives in many areas: Professionally, personally, physically, financially, locally and yes, even globally! Choices assist you in: Clarifying your Destiny, Learning the two steps to gaining Spiritual Understanding, Identifying your passion and your gifts... and more!