Ms. Sonja Shin

Sonja Shin

Sonja Shin is a Media and Transformation Coach, helping people achieve rapid results in their businesses and frazzled professionals achieve greater balance, joy and peace. Shin has 25+ years in the media, public relations and business development with experience as a producer for The Today Show in NYC, as a TV reporter in San Francisco and Seattle, as a Public Affairs and Development Specialist at NASA in Silicon Valley, as a website developer for NASA and Stanford, as a popular blogger in San Francisco with a YouTube channel with more than a half million views, and as a New Game leadership development coach.

Shin combines her experience in media and business with a decade of spiritual studies to help people overcome their internal challenges to create amazing results in their businesses and in their personal lives. Shin has overcome life-threatening depression and anxiety in her own life and helps people get into alignment to create balance and success in all areas.

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