Stephanie Kay Atwood M.A. CHRNC

Stephanie Kay Atwood

As founder of Go WOW Living and host of the Active After 35 Thrive to 105 Podcast I am all about women above age 35 and well into their 80's, 90's and even 100's. My books, programs, and philosophy are focused on women's wellness and empowerment at all ages. Go WOW Living encourages women to reach high and overcome fear through community, accountability, and purpose.

Go WOW Living is an international organization with online communication and local communities of active, engaged women. We connect through our podcast, regular posts and local activities.

Active After 35 Thrive to 105, the podcast, provides weekly downloads of amazing stories of women ranging in age from 35 to over 100. It offers inspiration, education, and entertainment from women around the globe.

I have authored several books, 2 of them bestsellers. I love to write almost as much as I love hosting my podcast!

Since 2000 I have focused my business on women above age 35 and well into the higher decades. This seems to be a niche where transitions occur and I am helping to create and support positive changes. My goal, for this life, is to leave more women empowered and confident in their place in the world and their ability to create positive change.

Go WOW Living
2740 11th Avenue
Oakland, California