Ms. Stephanie Telesco CPA OPA Astrologer

Stephanie Telesco

Credentials: Certification

Institution: Organization of Professional Astrologers

Certification: OPA Certified Professional Astrologer

Certification Year: 2015

In practice since: 1990

As an OPA Certified Professional Astrologer, I bring to my craft, a rich life experience and extensive study. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, and now based in Boise, Idaho I have fostered greater insight and understanding for my clients since 1990, translating the symbolic language of astrological charts. I believe each of our charts symbolically portrays our unique reality, our innate pattern, our inner design. Knowledge of our charts enables each of us to perceive those things we are able to do most naturally. As a roadmap of our character, temperament and abilities, our charts can show where our power and energy is and how best to channel the energy. Each is a rich, living statement full of insight, guidelines and warnings. With this knowledge we are able to grow and answer life’s questions in happier way, allowing us to live more fully and confidently with a deeper sense of purpose and a keener awareness of ourselves.
Stephanie Telesco Astrology .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 208 867-7277
OPA CPA Certified Professional Astrologer Organization of Professional Astrologers
BA Stanford University MS Bloomsburg University
Member of the Organization of Professional Astrologers, Astrological Association of Great Britain & International Society for Astrological Research

Stephanie Telesco Astrology