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Esoteric Healing, Group Telepathic Meditation, Transformational Living, 2500 Seminars to Doctors & the Public
Steve  Hinkey

Licensed: Yes

License: California #17705

Expiration: next year

Credentials: License

Institution: Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

Certification: Diplomates in: B.E.S.T., Network Spinal Analysis, Nutrition, Hands-On Techniques, Mentoring, & Relationship Coaching

Certification Year: 1986

Institution: LACC

Graduated: 1986

In practice since: 1986

Dr Steve Hinkey, is currently in Los Angeles, and does live events in-person, and globally online. He is a pioneer in esoteric healing techniques and attitudes that have changed the face of healthcare and transformation since 1978. He works with the sickest of the sick, and the 'wellest' of the well, and teaches doctors and healers of all specialties to have miracles in their practices. Steve's work has been peer-reviewed under the most stringent circumstances, and Dr Willis Harman of Stanford Research Institute proclaimed his work to be the most profound he'd tested, as did top Pentagon brain researchers, top chiropractic technique educators Dr MT Morter Jr and Dr Donald Epstein, Synchronicity Foundation facilitators, Dr Martha Linn, Dr Jim Claussen, and many more. Mostly Dr Steve demonstrates that the cause of disease in sick and injured people, and the confusion and distortion in transformational people, is something that few have ever considered. He brings the missing link, and his clients' success rates are the highest in the industry.

Steve has taught this nearly proprietary dynamic to hundreds of doctors, and assisted people from pre-conception to their last breath to fully resolve and transform cleanly and clearly, often very quickly, with radical precision and specific thoroughness, in clinics and seminars throughout the world. He has taught seminars or maintained practices in London, Chicago, Aspen, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Mumbai, ashrams in India, and learning communities in Australia and USA.

Dr Hinkey sees patients and clients in-person and on Skype, and welcomes you to find out for yourself if your life and practice can be improved by what he brings to the piece. His work is telepathic, Soul-driven, and God-given. People turn to him for healing deep, living well, dying free, and transforming themselves into their purpose within the Next Step for Humanity, that has guided his success from the very beginning.

Steve's mentor and business partner James Daniel McTague often joins him during live events, and also works in triad with him with patients, clients, and doctors. Together they bring a laser focus to very complex problems facing people who haven't been helped by conventional or even alternative means, as well as to yogis and swamis and cutting edge thinkers and pioneers who get challenged on the new frontier by severe catharsis, annihilation, and incomplete transformation. Together they also lead global group meditations done weekly on the phone or Skype, Sundays, at 8:30am Pacific time, reachable by going to the Facebook page Love Is More Than One, or to the website LoveIsmorethanOne.com.

Steve and Dan use specific dynamics to assist you. They may work silently, or through 'conversations IN consciousness' that heal and transform as the session rolls on. When Steve sees you in-person he may use touch; while on Skype and the phone you'll swear he's touching you as well. Always a jolt of JjujJ, his sessions leave you exhilarating, expanding, opening to the moment, and seeing the horizon of possibilities. While Dan's focus is quite subjective, subtle, causal, and can bring moments of 'no-mind', and so on.

Sometimes Dr Steve draws special art talismans that supercharge the healing and transformational process, and have been used for decades to uncover interference and inconsistencies in one's nature, while validating diagnosis, treatment, meditation, and healing protocols tuned to your specific need. The drawings can be gazed at repeatedly throughout the day, and also replayed stroke-by-stroke in video, with music selected to enhance perception, power, and depth. Which Dan then takes these drawing video replays and adds special sagery or modern Rumi-like prose or poetry, to penetrate even deeper to the core of the matter being expressed.

Nutrition and lifestyle coordination may sometimes be added, as well as suggested courses, mentoring, reading, and online or in-person group interaction selected to help you awaken and evolve to your full potential, in wellness and Being. Nothing is mandatory, as you are the maker of your own way, and the creator of your own success story.

Dr Steve Hinkey and Dan McTague have geared their entire lives to your success at becoming all you can be. Their dedication spills over on social media to YouTube and personal Facebook pages, where you can see the art, comments, social discourses, testimonials, and connect to meditation groups open to all.

In his own words, recently used to inspire people with a special drawing Steve made during a group meditation, he wrote:

"The dynamics of enlightenment no longer pertain to you. They pertain only to Us. All that pertains to you alone is finished. All that pertains you and a select subgroup for any means, is dead. All self-serving interests, from point of conception all the way to the Great Revelation, are forever cancelled for you. Alone. Wherever and however you secularise and split yourself off from total group-conscious love you are dead. And your separative plans and 'gifts' are dead. Any desire to control yourself or another with your point of view is dead and causes you suffering and disease. Any clinging. Brings Suffering. If you steal another's land, beliefs, family, things, ideas, freedom, they are released from the karma of it, while you add their karma to yours, suffering onto infinity, gloating as you assume your greatness over their weaknesses. Everything is now your weakness.

Suffer well. So that you wake up to Us. Where All MultiDimensional Love Exists. Suffer well that you seek out the Way. Home. To Love. To Real Living. It's easy really. The hardest path always is. Being on the way Together is the only way. Breathing, screaming, crying, laughing, healing, waking, creating, expanding, transforming, dancing, acting, enjoying the sublime sensations flavours smells sights sounds impressions of the Real --pouring through our veins, brains, fields-- we are a Love Divine. We are fyne!"

This is a clue to the 'something more' that people are missing when they get sick or injured or depressed, or cathartic in transformation. This is a clue to how Steve or Dan or both will help you bring yourself to Life, to root out the core confusion, to synthesize all your experiences and hard-won battles, to balance the hurts with love, and the heal mistakes with reason...... and away We go!

Reach Steve at Dr Steve Hinkey 310-488-8310 on USA phone or global WhatsApp, or at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Dan can be reached at James Daniel McTague, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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