Mr. SteVen D LightSpring

SteVen D LightSpring

I've been keenly interested in alternative health methods and modalities for going on 40 years now.
Ever since, at 15, I had to go spend a week in the hospital to have my appendix removed, I decided
that if there was anything I could do to prevent such unpleasant experiences, I certainly wanted to
know about them, and see if I could make use of such measures. It was that year that my mother,
who had turned into a "health food nut" overnight...and had great results with changing her diet
drastically...inspired me even further to see what difference taking preventative measures could make.

But I've always had a fascination with what could be done "environmentally". That is, what you could
do to surround yourself with, or saturate yourself with, the most ideal environments that could be most
conducive to well-being. So, while reading rather profusely about many such topics as nutrition and
exercise, and finding ways to apply them, I began to expand beyond that to my natural interest in sound
and music and whatever may help create "good vibes". I have explored quite a bit with magnetic therapy,
far-infrared products, aromatherapy, and color therapy, to name a few.

Decades later, now as a singer-songwriter-musician, and poetic performer, among other things, I find myself
constantly drawn back to my deep intrigue with the power of sound. And having been a student of "sound
healing" in many of its forms for a couple of decades now, I feel that I have so much to share that can make
a difference for others in their quest for well-being and I continue to explore and discover
more and more "worlds" of amazing "good vibes" that I'm convinced can have the most wonderful effects.

And, although, I'm the last to "make claims" in any specific way, I am so often amazed at the soothing and
energizing effects sound does seem to have for myself and for others who often report similar results. So,
though I may try to keep it very general in terms of hoped-for results that are so different for each person
because of so many other factors, when it comes to techniques, I do use very specific ones, often
blended with intuitive nudges as to what might be best for each person...or for a specially-blended
recording, usually of music and specific "healing" frequencies combined to hopefully create something
that will prove to be uplifting, energizing or soothing in some way.

To accomplish this, I use tuning forks, crystal "singing" bowls, Tibetan and Japanese brass "singing" bowls,
gem stones in conjunction with the bowls and tuning forks, and also, increasingly, special frequencies to
which I tune my instruments and blend vocals. Standing on the shoulders of quite a few "sound healing"
pioneers, and following my deepest intuitive sense as well, I have created countless specially-blended
"grids" of frequencies that seem to have special "synergistic" properties with which I'm experimenting
and exploring, and finding more and more uses for nearly every day. That is why I'm preparing to launch
my website that will showcase some of my audio products that I hope will be most beneficial to well-being
in every way.

Feel free to contact me through Face Book (mostly about my singer-songwriter creations there) or look
my name up on You Tube and you will find quite a few videos on my channel there as well (many of the
songs turned into photo-lyric videos, as well as quite a few "sound healing"- oriented videos there...with
much more on the way!)