Ms. Sue Broome

Sue Broome

Sue Broome is a wise and compassionate spiritual guide. She helps connect you with your angels, spirit guides, crossed over loved ones, and most importantly to yourself.

She is a published author, healer, and angel reader who brings forth clear messages for you. She is also a speaker, teacher, channel, and ordained minister. Sue conducts workshops in person and online and gives talks that are related to empowerment, living your true and authentic self, self discovery of your own gifts, and strengthening your connection to your angels, spirit guides and loved ones.

Her passion for networking and connecting people led her to to become one of the founders of Spirit in Motion Expo. Spirit in Motion Expo is a twice yearly metaphysical event that brings people together and helps expand spiritual awareness within her community of Prescott, AZ. Spirit in Motion Expo will be expanding into new adventures in 2017.

In her angelic work and through her radio program, Angel Talk with Sue on the Thrive Talk Radio Network, every Monday at 1 PM Eastern, Sue’s goal is that you walk away with answers, energetic tools, and feeling empowered with who you are and where you are going. You will feel heard and understood.

In private sessions when working with clients, Sue combines several healing modalities, which include: Divine Coding, Divine Coding Reiki Master, Angel Therapy®, the Bridge Energy, Quantum Life Coaching techniques and the newest (and yet the oldest), Sirian Blue. In a session with Sue you may work with past lives, parallel universes, parts work (sub-personalities), and cellular memory, just to name a few.

Sue is available for private sessions via phone or Skype. / .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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