Mrs. Sue Stone

Sue Stone

From £10 left in her purse, depressed, desperate and full of fear to becoming totally at peace, happy, financially free and a TV Secret Millionaire, Sue has achieved an incredible life transformation. She has a unique, remarkable and uplifting impact on the people she comes into contact with.

Read a little more here about her own remarkable and truly inspiring story. Sue made her mark as a successful woman in business, being appointed Managing Director and Chairman at the age of 29 of a manufacturing company in a male dominated business sector. However, an unfortunate series of events and her marriage breaking down sent the company to near financial collapse – and Sue's life hit a serious downward spiral.

She hit absolute rock bottom emotionally and financially in 1999. Sue was desperately unhappy and left with over a quarter of a million pounds worth of debt following her marriage breakdown. She faced the terrifying repossession of her family home and the reality of 3 young children to bring up alone with no income. The turning point came when Sue had just £10 left in her purse and no idea where the next penny would come from.

Sue was not prepared to accept that this was going to be 'it' and set about discovering ways to improve her life. Her pursuit of happiness led Sue to researching the power of our thoughts, subconscious mind and the science that supports this ancient wisdom.

Her logical and methodical mind drove her to delve deeply into her research and on understanding the fundamental principle that we get more of what we focus on, she made it her mission to work on herself and reprogramme her thinking with incredible results.

Sue lives and breathes all that she has learnt and has totally transformed her life to one of complete happiness, inner peace and personal fulfilment. Her happy, confident children live with her in their beautiful country home with a stunning swimming pool in the grounds, along with their horses, dogs and cats!

Empowerment, Happiness and Life Style Coach, Business Mentor and Motivational Speaker; Sue's clientele span from everyday people to celebrities and city high-fliers. She now dedicates her life to helping others.

She is regularly in the media as an Expert and has featured in Channel 4's Secret Millionaire and How'd You Get So Rich.

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