Dr. Susan Oh Cha Ph.D.

Susan Cha

Dr. Susan Oh Cha is a licensed clinical psychologist with over two decades of experience working in various settings: university counseling centers, hospitals, and community mental health agencies. She authored Developing Restorative Connections and co-authored Guest Pass: Access To Your Teen’s World with her daughter, Yumi. She is currently in private practice with a group of multi-disciplinary mental health professionals. She is committed to facilitating healing and wholeness in individuals, couples, and families through her work in private practice, consultation, writing, speaking, and community service. Dr. Cha specializes in depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, relational difficulties, personal development, and college consulting.

Books Susan has Published

Guest Pass: Access To Your Teen’s World

Guest Pass: Access to Your Teen's World gives you a back-stage entry to "tour" your teen's world. It is co-written by a mother/psychologist and daughter/high school junior who discuss topics relevant to today's teenage culture from multiple perspectives. This book explores parent-teen issues related to the use of social network media, body art, emotional distress, substance use, and more. Although the specifics of parents, adolescents, and their relationships are unique, there are common challenges

Developing Restorative Connections

A Workbook for Lay Counselors and Community Builders

Do you desire to help individuals and families experience healing, hope, and joy, but do not know where to start? Developing Restorative Connections: A Workbook for Lay Counselors and Community Builders is designed to hone various skills to help you and your communities thrive. It will increase your psychological and interpersonal awareness. Dr. Cha’s workbook integrates Christian principles with research-based psychological tools. Each session includes exercises for self-assessment as well as