Ms. Suzanna Yahya Nadler MEd, LPC

Movement Therapist
Suzanna Yahya Nadler

Credentials: Diploma/Degree

Institution: Antioch New England Graduate School

Certification: LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor)

Certification Year: 1991

In practice since: 1983

Suzanna Yahya Nadler is an energetic force that channels her power into dancing, teaching, counseling and gardening at the Self & Soul Center and beyond. As a Movement Therapist, Group Leader, SoulWork Practitioner and Body Poet, she catalyzes others to find and honor their hearts’ passions, step into the center of life and relationships while bringing play into the process of embodiment.

Suzanna pursued movement as a healing art by getting her master’s in Dance/Movement Therapy after experiencing her own transformations through dancing. Her educational focus in developmental psychology and current study into attachment theory bring a foundational understanding to her work in couples and individual psychotherapy. Her own work included the psycho-spiritual Diamond Approach which broadened her body orientation with inquiry(knowing the self) and focusing(sensing the body). Training in the Enneagram brought greater compassion to understanding individual’s core motivations, illuminated the strengths and weaknesses of the three centers of the body (belly, heart and mind) and the unique path toward wholeness. Currently SoulWork heals the relationships with the many aspects of self and creatively interfaces one's inner life with the world.

Body Poetry is Suzanna’s new interactive performance art that has evolved from personal exploration with Authentic Movement and her dance partner, Silvia Kohen. Body Poetry combines memorized spoken poetry with personal life vignettes and improvisational movement. Accessing presence and the art of contactfulness combine to create an invitation to participate and notice what the performance evokes for the performer and those witnessing. Suzanna’s unique embodied presentations and performances invite others to explore knowing self and the world through the body.

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Relationship Issues

Self Esteem



Treatment Methods


Dance/Movement Therapies


Marriage counseling

Relationship Counseling