Rev. Suzanne DeGraw McMurray

Alternative Medicine
Suzanne McMurray

Credentials: Certification

Institution: School of Natural Healing

Certification: Family Herblist, Aromatherapist

Certification Year: 2010

Institution: School of Natural Healing

Graduated: 2010

In practice since: 2010

I am a Certified Family Herbalist, a Certified Aromatherapist, A Reiki Master/Sensei, and an Ordained Minister. My company is Suzanne.A. Vision Healing Arts and my mission is to help and assist others using Essential Oils, Herbs and different healing modalities. We are more than just a Body, we are Body, Mind and Spirit and all must be addresses for a true healing to take place. I work to assist others with finding their balance in life and moving forward to be all that they can be.
I enjoy working with others and watching them as understanding takes place and they begin to move forward. We are all here to Love one another, to assist each other. We strengthen and energize each other. We become strong when we help others to find their strengths

Suzanne.A.Vision Healing Arts LLC

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Sleep or Insomnia


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Energy Work

Herbal Therapy