Dr. Tawainna Houston ND, MDiv.

Tawainna Houston

Health is about nurturing all aspects of one's self, inclusive of the mind, body, and spirit. Not only does Dr. Houston have a background of serving in Pastoral Care & Counseling but she is also a licensed Naturopathic Physician. As a physician, she is clear that mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances will eventually lead to physical disturbances in the body. She is very passionate and committed to understanding what is happening at the root level of your various imbalances so that she can work with you in developing a holistic wellness plan to optimize your health and well-being. Improved health equals improved quality of life.

During a one-on-one session with Dr. Houston she inter-mixes her counseling skills with her medical skills to further enhance a natural holistic understanding and facilitation back towards wellness. She utilizes nutritional and alternative therapies to support your whole well-being coming back into balance.

She is clinically trained and experienced to provide such a comprehensive approach that is both safe and effective for those in her care. For any person that has not felt well or felt like their true selves and are in search of answers, Dr. Houston is the provider who can facilitate the process of you finding your way back to the light within.

Not only is she a Licensed Naturopathic Physician who operates her own private practice, Journey of Wellness Natural Medicine Center in Decatur, GA, she is also an author, public speaker, and minister of service that uses various platforms to help people enhance their quality of health. She has participated in international medical service trips to Nicaragua and Haiti with organizations such as Natural Doctors International and Naturopaths without Borders.

As a published author, her first book, Detox-Style, raises awareness on identifying environmental toxins, exposure reduction, and ways to naturally and holistically support the body’s built-in detoxification pathways. She continues to promote the message of holistic natural health by being a public speaker on various stages that includes schools, churches, conferences, and organizations. She has served as an expert guest panelist at various health related events on topics that include nutrition and holistic wellness. Dr. Houston has been a featured guest on local television shows such as Atlanta Live, Good News at Primetime, and The Nikhol B. Jackson Show in addition to several local and blog talk radio shows. She is a graduate of National University of Health Sciences where she obtained her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, Princeton Theological Seminary where she obtained her Master of Divinity with a concentration in Pastoral Care & Counseling, and Howard University where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. Not only is Dr. Houston passionate about providing service to others she has spent years becoming academically and clinically trained, experienced, and qualified to work with the whole person. In her free-time she enjoys listening to spoken-word poetry and live music.

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Creating a Healthy Lifestyle Through Daily Holistic Detoxification Practices

Detox-Style is not your average detoxification book. This book is first written by a trained and licensed naturopathic physician that educates her readers on understanding detoxification from a holistic perspective that includes the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual components of health. Detox-style also identifies various categories of common toxic exposures found in daily encounters with, air, food/beverages, personal care products, household products, chemical substances, and relationships.

Articles Tawainna has Published
The Daily Dump
The Daily Dump

The Daily Dump by Dr. T. Houston, ND, MDiv. An excerpt from "Detox-Style" Over the years, I have experienced countless encounters with patients and people in general who are embarrassed by their poop, »

The Daily Dump by Dr. T. Houston, ND, MDiv. An excerpt from "Detox-Style" Over the years, I have experienced countless encounters with patients and people in general who are embarrassed by their poop, embarrassed to talk about or look at their poop after they have finished eliminating. Given the chance, some would just rather not have one because that is just how disgusting they think their own bowel..

Dr. Tawainna Houston · May 23rd, 2017

Dr. Tawainna Houston · May 23rd, 2017