Ms. Terry Wildemann CEC, CPCC, CPBA

Terry Wildemann

Using her 40 years of business experience, Terry Marquez Wildemann uses her wisdom to guide socially conscious entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders. Her presentations and coaching frequently create “AHA” moments as her clients & audiences “Awaken the Possibilities” by learning how to merge their heart wisdom and brain intelligence into their daily business. Their result? Reduced stress and improved workplace performance, health and wealth for themselves and their teams.


Terry works with the same practical and cutting edge solutions that helped her refocus her own business after experiencing several energy and health extinguishing ’burnouts.’ Terry's proprietary business and leadership systems bring back overwhelmed, and "on the brink of burnout" executives and leaders. Her tuned in coaching skills and intuitive gifts tap into her client's "Inner Business Game" to discover and implement untapped solutions for positive results in leadership, communications, sales and service.

Terry's co-authored books;
*"Unlock The Power Of You" (Aviva Publishing) co-author
*"Success in High Heels - international bestseller co-author
*"Hot Mama in High Heels - international bestseller co-author
*"Bold is Beautiful" - international bestseller co-author
*"The Missing Piece In Business - international bestseller co-author

Terry's solo books:
*1-800- Courtesy; Connecting With a Winning Telephone Image (publisher Aegis Publishing)
* The Enchanted Boardroom; Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader (Motivational Press - Summer 2016)

Terry certifications;

❦ Certified Co-Active Coach
❦ Certified Executive Coach
❦ Licensed HeartMath® Provider
❦ Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst
❦ Certified Law of Attraction Trainer
❦ Certified NLP Practitioner
❦ EFT/Tapping coach - 3rd level
❦ Reiki Master
❦ B.S. Criminal Justice - West Chester State University.

Intuitive Leadership; Awaken The Possibilities