Tim Culwell

Tim Culwell

Tim is a practicing "energyologist", Spiritual Transformation Teacher and Mentor. His more than 30 years of study and training in the areas of 'energy medicine' and 'spiritual metaphysics', supports his practical and wholistic (holistic) understanding of the 'subtle energies' (unseen by most every human eye) that are within and about any living being (people, animals, plants, marine life, etc.).

His vast understanding of the workings of this 'energy' allows him to support and facilitate the realignment of imbalances caused by psychological, physiological, physical, mental, emotional, and environmental factors resulting in disharmony (pain, suffering, trauma, grief, loss, discord, anger, discomfort, disease, guilt, shame, judgment, depression, etc.) within the physical body and reality of those affected.

Tim's scope of work includes people of all ages, genders, and walks of life, animals and pets of all kinds, and beyond. He has a deep passion for supporting others, meeting them wherever they are, to help them, help themselves to progress in greater harmony towards their journey of Complete Wellness - Wholeness!

He is a registered Karuna ReikiĀ® Master Teacher and Practitioner, Personal and Spiritual Teacher / Mentor, specializing in Karuna Reiki (R) and Energy Therapy Healing, and beyond.

Tim also advocates Ahimsa and veganism (ethical and environmental), citing animal rights along with the environmental and health benefits.

He has completed a vast array of workshops and seminars consisting of many modes of wholistic and alternative 'self-care' related topics, and passionately offers his broad experience, wisdom and knowledge to his clients.

Tim is also a Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado, and a Master Hypnotist in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy. He has completed well over 300 hours of study and training through The Denver School of Hypnotherapy, is certified in 'Cellular Healing Therapy', and continues to study other avenues brining additional tools into his practice. Although Tim does not presently practice hypnotherapy, these course studies have enhanced the depth and understanding of his personal and professional work.

As a master coach, motivational speaker and personal trainer for more than 20 years, Tim mentors the average to excellence to help others create personal success, and Inspires the best in those around him!

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