Tommy O - Addictions Recovery Specialist

Tommy O

Tommy O - CEO - Addictions Consultant, Executive Recovery Coach, Private Sober Companion, Sober-Life Coach
Living The Sober-Life - Recovery Consulting & Sober-Life Coaching Services for Elite Clientele

Tommy O's Story...

Tommy seems to have a bright future ahead of him...

* H.S. All-State Athlete - Captain (2yrs.)
* Voted to "top 100 H.S. pro prospects in America" - try out with the Cincinnati Reds
* Heavily recruited by the top Collegiate Athletic Programs in the nation SEC, ACC, Big Ten, etc...
* Collegiate Scholarship Athlete @ Ole Miss, Louisiana
* Major - Business/ Finance GPA 3.8

After an elbow injury cripples his ability to pursue a professional baseball career, Substance abuse takes over & Tommy loses all interest in school eventually failing out of college.

Over the next several years things only get worse as Tommy's life spirals out of control. It would only be the relentless unconditional love of an Italian-American mother that ends up saving Tommy's life.

She gets him into treatment. Tommy is cleansed out & heals. The obsession has been lifted but the work has just begun. Next he is led to a Private Recovery Coach who works one on one with him.

Within 90 days, Tommy experiences a major shift. He is clear, inspired & full of life again. Next, He is guided into specific action steps which produce the accomplishments below...


* H.S. Baseball Coach - 1st & only season - Winningest record in school's history
* Graduates College - with ease - Final GPA 3.5
* Substance Abuse Counselor - Young Adult Men - building character, morals, discipline, self esteem
* Supervisor of Operations @ Major Addictions Rehab Facility - 152 residents
* Pursues Masters Degree at NYU
* Original Team member of (4) Corporate "Start-ups"
* Wall Street Corporate Executive
* Dotcom Start-up Executive - NYC, San Francisco-Silicon Valley, San Diego
* CEO in San Diego
* Private Investor
* Entrepreneur
* Private Sober Life Coach - Executives, Celebrities, Athletes & Their Young Adult Children
* Professional Speaker
* Author

1) Tommy O is an Addictions Expert, Recovery Consultant & Treatment Facilitator.

In Addition...

2) Tommy O is an exclusive & private Sober-Life Coach, Companion, Escort... to high profile... Executives, Celebrities, Pro Athletes & Their Young Adult Children

As a Professional Recovery Master, he is privately hired by high net-worth Individuals, Families & Corporations as a "Powerful Influencer" who can bring about an immediate & effective change in an individuals life.

Tommy discreetly works with high profile Clientele who require a high level of confidentiality.
He often travels globally to meet his Clients needs & lifestyle...24/7"

Tommy will assess, intervene & provide an immediate solution... to these types of scenarios

A) If you are a parent of a Young Adult who is having a drug, alcohol, or destructive behavioral problem & they are out of control... * Tommy will get them back on track... this is his mastery *

B) If you are an Corporate Firm, Pro Sports Organization, Entertainment Agent, Movie Producer, etc... who represents & relies upon a valuable Client or Colleague who has substance abuse problems or needs Professional Sobriety protection while on a big Project, Travel, Tour, Seasonal Play, Vacations, etc... ** Tommy will serve as a powerful influence, keep them safe & protect your interests **

"Sometimes a Client may be experiencing alcohol or drug related problems. However, other times, they are acting out destructive behaviors creating character flaws or bad habits which are now interfering with a their talented potential...

Either way, I help my Clients to naturally eliminate all disturbances in their thinking, behavior & spirit so they can perform at their highest levels". Tommy O

Tommy travels Globally to meet his Clients needs & lifestyle...24/7... usually, in 1 of 3 ways:

1) As an Addictions Expert, Recovery Consultant, Treatment Advisor & Facilitator

2) As an Executive Sober-Life Coach - walking his Clients through an immediate & effective process to:

a) Quickly resolve any current problems
b) Clean spirit & heart -Eliminate bad habits - destructive behaviors, thinking, etc..
c) Incorporate new productive practices which bring about immediate results

3) As a Private Sober Companion - empowering his Clients' with a strong "Sober Presence" while quietly accompanying them on - Executive Business Travel, Projects, Events, Movie Sets, Band Tours, Athletic Seasons, Personal Vacations...

*Tommy's Clients say they are empowered by "His powerful Sober Presence & Expertise." This allows them to focus more effectively on their Personal & Professional Affairs.

Living The Sober-Life