Ms. Toni Siciola MA

Toni Siciola

Toni Sicola is a wellness professional, holistic nutrition expert, wellness coach, blogger, and food enthusiast. In addition to running her own business through her blog at, Toni's been in the corporate wellness industry for 4+ years, managing a hospital wellness program that reaches across Alameda County, California. She’s also recently been named the Director of Corporate Wellness at a wellness tech startup in San Francisco called LIVZO. Her triumph over her own personal health challenges has fueled her passion for helping others achieve optimal health and wellbeing, specifically around hormonal imbalance, acne, weight management, and sleep. Her tagline, sowing the seeds of a sweet, rich life, encompasses her mission of spreading holistic health to the masses.

Toni holds a Master’s degree in Integrative Health Studies and a Certificate in Integrative Wellness Coaching from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

When she’s not working, Toni is feeding her passions for cooking, gardening, rock climbing, crafting, painting, and playing with her dog Dexter. Her favorite places to be outside include the national and regional parks in Northern California, especially Yosemite, and her back yard garden. She loves to find ways to be creative in the kitchen, often using herself and her husband as guinea pigs for her latest ideas.