Mr. Tony Jeton Selimi BEng

Life Coach
Tony Jeton Selimi

Credentials: Diploma/Degree

Institution: Demartini Institute, UCL, Animas Coaching Institute, ICF, ILM, APCTC, Martin Brofman Advanced Healers Association, CTA

Tony J. Selimi is an internationally renowned author, keynote speaker, human behaviour and cognition expert known as The See-Through Coach. He is an authority on the psychology of healing the body-mind-heart, business success, and maximising people’s potential. He is the co-founder of Jeton Alexander, Living My Illusion and the founder of The Velvet Journey and TJS Cognition, a coaching, mentoring, speaking, consulting, education institute dedicated to exploring & expanding the frontiers of human awareness.

Tony’s vision is to reach, educate, elevate the minds, and inspire and awaken the hearts infinite wisdom and love of 1 Billion people. His mission is to inspire men and women of all nationalities, creeds and colours to become purposeful and disciplined masters of themselves and dedicated and inspired leaders, teachers, and healers who help others awaken their infinite innate wisdom and love. Through his books, seminars, speaking, teaching and consulting he is inspiring millions of people to step out of their familiar zone and step into their greatness. In partnership with Vandercom, leading telecommunication and IT service provider, his mission is to co-create real life documentaries and films that serve as an educational mirror for people from all market sectors to live healthy, balanced, meaningful, and purposeful lives.

Selimi is the creator of the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM® and a successful entrepreneur who went from being a teenage victim of war living homeless on the streets of London feeling lonely, abandoned, and broken to graduating with honours, climbing the corporate ladder, and becoming an internationally published author of two No:1 Amazon bestselling and award-winning books; A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness.

He globally provides answers to questions and practical solutions to life’s challenges in talks, workshops, one to one coaching, mastermind groups, retreats, articles, on radio and in TV interviews. He specialises in assisting business owners from all market sectors and people from all professions in finding solutions to their personal and business problems, accelerates their learning, and achieve excellence in all of the eight key areas of life; Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Business, Money, Relationship and Love.

As a pioneer on the frontier of human consciousness, education, business, and healthcare transformation and an explorer of the ultimate nature of reality, Selimi is also interested in the field of psycho-spiritual development & transformation.

Tony is no stranger to the media, appearing in various national magazines including Soul and Spirit, Global Women, Science to Sage, Migrant Women, Self-Coaching, Accelerate Your Business, Changing Careers Magazine, Consciousness Magazine, Your Wellness, Time Out, and Sage. He appeared on various TV channels including NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, SKY, AlsatM, RTK, RTV2, RTM, Klan Kosova, Soul Mate Relationship World Summit, and radio shows including Hay House, Voice of America, Knowledge for Men, Self-Discovery Radio, Dona Seebo show, Beyond 50, News for the Soul, TangledFm, Spirit Radio, and many more.

He gives inspirational talks on a range of topics including leadership, entrepreneurship, the evolution of consciousness, peace, well-being, spirituality, healing, energy and vibration. Tony has been a keynote speaker at various London Business Shows, the Animas Coaching Institute, Sterling Business network, Rotary Club International, Asset House Management, Raw Fest, Be Inspired, Conscious Leadership Events, Cranfield School of Management, private functions, and Love Spirt, and Mind Body Spirit festivals. He hosts regular webinars with his clients entitled Conversations with Your Highest Expression of Self.

Selimi also is a private consultant, advising entrepreneurs, leaders, and people from all walks of life on personal, professional, and spiritual development and achievement. These include City of London financiers, corporate executives, health professionals, scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, lawyers, stars and sports personalities.

His many clients use his expertise and wisdom to assist in keeping their lives, health, relationships, attitudes, leadership and business acumen steadily on track. His clients become grounded, effective, productive and prosperous in all spheres of their lives. He is known for creating amazing, lasting, and life-long transformations in people, leaving them feeling inspired, fulfilled, and with a sense of purpose, increased energy, performance, and focus.
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Areas of Specialty


Anger Management


Behavioral Issues



Coping Skills


Dissociative Disorders


Drug Abuse




Life Coaching

Narcissistic Personality

Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)

Relationship Issues

Self Esteem

Sexual Addiction


Sleep or Insomnia


Success Coaching

Trauma and PTSD

Treatment Methods

Bio Feedback

Business Coaching

Career Counseling


Divorce Counseling


Energy Work

Intuition Development

Law of Attraction

Life Coaching


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Positive Psychology


Relationship Counseling

Separation Counseling

Shamanic Healing

Spiritual Healing

Success Coaching

Time Management

Wealth Building

Books Tony Jeton has Published

A Path to Wisdom

How to live a balanced, healthy, and peaceful life

Living Your Life in Peace is Priceless says Tony J. Selimi Amazon best-selling and award-winning book A Path to Wisdom by Tony Jeton Selimi, is a timeless life manual that offers a road map that safely guides the reader through an inside out reflective journey to find and address the root cause of their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, business, relationship and self-love, self-worthiness, and self-confidence issues that keep them out of their natural healthy state of inner balance.


The Virus of The Modern Age

Meticulously researched and written by Tony Jeton Selimi, ‘#Loneliness: The Virus of the Modern Age’ explores the fierce scientific, psychological and spiritual impact of loneliness – a problem that has become an ironic epidemic in a world that is more interconnected than ever before. Empowering readers to redefine themselves and overcome the adversity, anxiety and stagnancy likely blighting their lives, Selimi truly breaks new ground in a volume that received a Finalist Award in the 2016 International