Tony Samara

Tony Samara

Founder of the
Conscious Meditation Foundation
and the Samara School of Meditation

Tony Samara, author of ‘Shaman’s Wisdom,’ 'Shaman's Wisdom Within,' ‘The Simplicity of Love Meditation,’ ‘Simple Steps for Choosing Freedom from Addiction,’ ‘How Can We Be Receptive to the Currents of Love?’ What Vivaldi Can Teach Us About the Truth of Transcendence,' 'Realisation,' 'Awareness,' and ‘Discover Your Inner Buddha,’ was born in England, and grew up in Egypt, England, and also in Norway. It was in Norway that he discovered the Zen Buddhist Philosophy, which eventually led him to the Mount Baldy Zen Center in California, USA, where he learned the spiritual teachings of Sasaki Roshi.
His first spiritual teacher, at the age of 12, was the question - Who Am I? - and over the period of a few years, he immersed himself more deeply into the question. He had the curiosity to explore further the essence of spirituality and hence travelled in many different countries learning much about the various spiritual traditions and cultures, in a non-dualistic and open-minded way.
Whilst making pilgrimages to various sacred sites in India, Tony Samara was able to dwell deeply upon the ancient Vedic and Jain philosophies and work profoundly with the essence of these teachings. Gradually, powerful events opened him up more and more until at the age of 27 he attained Self-Realisation. 
Today, inspired deeply by the words of Shrimad Rajchandra and Mahavira, by the poetry of Kabir and by the healing transmission of Babaji, he shares with us the totally natural state of joy and wisdom experienced as the heart opens to consciousness.

"As real self I never knew,
So suffered I eternal pain,
I bow to Him my master true,
Who preached and broke eternal chain."
~ Shrimad Rajchandra, Atmasiddhi - 1.1

“There within Him creation goes forward,
which is beyond all philosophy;
for philosophy cannot attain to Him:
There is an endless world, O my Brother!
and there is the Nameless Being,
of whom nought can be said.”
~ Kabir

Now people from all over the world visit Tony Samara to take spiritual guidance and experience being in his presence.

Tony Samara is quoted as saying:

“The vast majority of people go through life without directly experiencing the depths of their true self, or understanding their connection to life, or their relationship to others and to the world at large. We are often taught to only relate to the world through our senses. We think, we reason and we feel, but we do not know from our hearts what it means to be connected to what is beyond the senses.”

He recognizes that direct experiences have the potential to radically transform an individual and his or her life, as well as promote a profound and effortless letting go of past emotional, mental and physical pain and suffering.

His main countries of activity are in Europe, yet with the assistance of the Internet he is attracting a global audience through frequent online interviews and live satsangs. He encourages all to lead their lives actively in a noble way in order to realise the evolution of human consciousness.

Verbal dialogue is not the essence of his teachings, but he explains in a direct and simple way that everyone can understand how each individual can practically integrate greater acceptance, peace and joy into their daily lives.

Tony Samara teaches with humour, humility and with infinite patience, empowering the individual with courage, trust and inner strength to continue on this journey back into wholeness, a path that leads towards real freedom.

Join Tony Samara in person at the many meditation programmes available.

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There are also many easy possibilities to work with Tony Samara from the comfort of your own home by joining the online courses or satsangs

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Articles Tony has Published
Breathing in Rhythm
Breathing in Rhythm

When the body is breathing in rhythm with your physical breath and you are conscious of that and you are present to that and you are totally there allowing it to happen, then there is a marvellous transformation. »

When the body is breathing in rhythm with your physical breath and you are conscious of that and you are present to that and you are totally there allowing it to happen, then there is a marvellous transformation. Did you know that it is possible for you to do this right now? Take a few minutes as you are reading these words to focus on how wonderful it is to breathe in. As you breathe in, don't breathe..

Tony Samara · August 11th, 2016

Tony Samara · August 11th, 2016