Victoria Mashevsky MS, CCH

Victoria Mashevsky

Credentials: Certification

Institution: Council for Homeopathic Certification

Certification: Certified Classical Homeopath

Certification Year: 2015

Institution: American Medical College of Homeopathy

Graduated: 2014

In practice since: 2008

Nearly every person ends up in CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) due to inability to solve health issues using conventional (allopathic) methods and practices. Nearly every CAM practitioner has heart-breaking story about how they or loved ones were hopelessly sick and rescued by whatever modality they practice now. Although I have my share of person stories about homeopathy, I’ll just assume that you are here to find more for yourself and not about me.
History and development of homeopathy and the social, economic, and political forces that have influenced its practice over the past 200-years, up to and including, present day can make up for a great Hollywood movie. Ancient and modern philosophers, authors, activists, and the social, political and economic forces have had major influences on the homeopathic discipline and profession.
Main media usually offers gross misrepresentation of the subject. Even when depicted in favorable light (Oprah and Dr. Oz come to mind) the topic is too broad and voluminous to give a little more that cursory account. I encourage you to ask me many questions as we begin the process of homeopathic remedy selection. The effects of homeopathic remedies at present can not be explained by current scientific methods, nor must I add, can current scientific methods measure the force of Life and Love and many other entities that are needed for balanced human health.
Regardless of my extensive conventional scientific training and experience in laboratory diagnostics, I am obligated by the state of California to ask you to sign a waiver indicating your understanding that no medical services will be provided.
Current legal arrangement is being challenged as we speak, but for now – my scope of practice is the Vital Force.
Vital Force or Life Force is a connection between spiritual and physical body. When person feels the signs of illness in the body, Vital Force has been attacked and was not able to keep disease away. The symptoms that are felt as pain or any physical or emotional discomfort are the language of Vital Force. Together they represent Gestalt of problems. My task as homeopath is to make a connection between separate parts, i.e. symptoms, feelings, dreams, physical and mental responses and formulate unifying idea that will match particular remedy and potency. In order to find Your Remedy and select correct potency of this remedy I shall ask you to devote some thoughtful time to the questionnaire form that you’ll find in the welcoming package. After that, we shall meet so I could ask you to clarify some points brought up in the questionnaire. The information provided by you is treated with outmost discreetness, confidentiality and respect. The success of the remedy work on you depends on our work together.