Mrs. Virginia (Ginny) Jones

Virginia (Ginny) Jones

Ginny (Virginia) is a natural born Psychic,
ever since she can remember she has been able to sense energy,

Renowned in the fields of spirituality, Coaching and mysticism,

Ginny taps into a wealth of knowledge in health, energy medicine and consciousness,

She is a medical intuitive, who gets to the source of the emotional interference,

Ginny offers a diverse array of programs devoted to -

Personal development, Coaching, Mentoring, High Frequency Healing, DNA Activation, Soul Rescue,

Paranormal investigation, guidance using the Tarot Cards and personal channelled messages and art from the Shining ones.

Ever since she can remember she has been able to sense energy,

Throughout her childhood she has sensed many unseen visitors,

Using her natural born psychic gifts and Guidance

from her team of divine spiritual and Galactic beings

Ginny maintains a national and international schedule,

Helping many people along the way.

Ginny has from young been able to speak a coded language

that she now knows to be The language of Light,

Ginny’s mission here, is to help awaken others to knowing their true selves,

to empower, to uplift, to enlighten, and realign the energetic field of the body

So others feel their own potential,

take the action needed to live a much more abundant, harmonious and joyful life.