Mr. Wesley Etheridge Sr MTS / DCAMF

Cognitive Behavioral
Wesley Etheridge Sr

Credentials: Certification

Institution: GCS Facilitators and Consultants

Certification: GCS Diplomate Certified Anger Management Facilitator Coach

Certification Year: 2001

In practice since: 2001

Coach Wesley E. Etheridge Sr., is the developer of the nationally and internationally recognized eclectic behavioral modification curricula entitled the “WEE Concept.” Coach Wes as he is often referred to by his colleagues is also an award-winning community leader, veterans advocate and the Principal Consultant of GCS Facilitators and Consultants the “Leading Authority On Military Veterans and Anger Management.”

He has a Behavioral Sciences Degree in Alcohol and Other Drug Studies from San Diego City College, is a co-author of a (history, military, naval) book on Amazon entitled My Final Re-Spot: A young sailors misfortune on the flight deck of the USS Forrestal CV-59 and a behavioral supplemental guide which is on Amazon also entitled Manage Your Anger In 10 Days: Channeling the Energy Your Anger Creates. As an entrepreneur and service connected disabled retired veteran he has spent over two decades of his life after retiring from the U.S. Navy in San Diego California as Master Training Specialist, assisting maladaptive behaving individuals including veterans and their families with changing the dynamics of traumatic and or unsolicited situations for the specific purpose of enhancing theirs and others quality of life.

Utilizing the most important pillar of the five pillars of the “WEE Concept” which is experience, knowledge and education he has also authored a series of self-help work- manuals entitled “Our Toxic Environment.” This book shares with all who are open to cognitively challenging themselves in regards to awareness via discovery of the obvious for behavioral change.

It is highly recommended for every self-help coach, qualified mental health professional, executive, counselor, facilitator et cetera. Included are some real life stories shared by Coaches who have benefited from the effectiveness and reliability of the eclectic methodologies of which are the five pillars of the award-winning “WEE Concept.” Our motto is “FIDELIS TO THE MODEL.” DCAMF

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Anger Management

Behavioral Issues

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Violence

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Peer Relationships

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Trauma and PTSD

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Books Wesley has Published

My Final Re-Spot

A young sailor's misfortune on the flight deck of the USS Forrestal CV-59

Survivors of the January 15th 1978 mishap believe that what happened on that evening was one of the greatest cover up’s in US Naval Aviation history. But what really happened on that tragic evening when the FID was on Sea Trials off the coast of St. Augustine, Florida? History and eye witness accounts reveal that unbeknownst to the Ship’s Company and Carrier Air Wing Seventeen personnel that they would become participants of the second worst documented aviation mishap on the flight deck of the